10 years!

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10 years!

Still photo from JUBALONG, NRK © 2007

As we’re approaching the end of the year, I’ve taken a moment to reflect (and celebrate! (with coffee!)) on the fact that 2016 marks my 10 year jubilee as a full-time composer for film, TV and stage productions. Yes, way back in April 2006, just after moving into the great O-town (Oslo, that is), I made my first humble steps into the Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK’s big corridors, in the blind faith of successfully pitching a song for a children’s TV show. Luckily, the folks at NRK agreed that distorted punk rock guitar riffs (pretty much unheard of in children’s TV at the time), heavy drums and a 9 year old kid screaming about his favourite toy dragon was a good idea – and the rest is history!

Den dagen jeg var på Gullruten-fest og kunne late som om jeg vant en gullrute, mens jeg i realiteten bare hadde sittet i juryen og passet på prisen for min kollega Henrik som rettmessig hadde vunnet den.Anyway, to celebrate this not unimportant milestone, I’ve taken on the perilous task of picking out just ONE representative track from each of these 10 years. The result can be heard in this handy chronological playlist, so you can hear that artistic progression happening really fast (I hope)..! A journey through 10 years of children’s TV, short films, feature films, stageplays, documentary films – and yes, that Christmas album too.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Happy Everything!


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