Off the cliff

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Off the cliff

This week we recorded a string quintet for the score of BRØRNE LØVEHJARTE. And what a quintet! I’m very happy to have hired some of the busiest string players in Norway, and for good reason. These people are simply phenomenal. And they are: Anders Nilsson and Bjarne Magnus Jensen on violins, Ida Bryhn on viola, Audun Sandvik on violoncello and Marius Flatby on the contrabass. Anders, Audun and Marius are also playing daily in Kringkastingsorkesteret, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. We spent two days in the studio of my friend and film composer colleague Henrik Skram, and recorded all 29 cues as planned..! At the same time we recorded strings for Henrik’s latest composition, the score for director Lars Klevberg’s new horror thriller short film POLAROID. Scary stuff! Henrik has also been my co-orchestrator on BRØRNE LØVEHJARTE. All in all a great collaboration! Composers unite! 😎

In other news, the soundtrack album of PEER GYNT: UTFOR STUPET has got a release date! And that date is September 12 – in other words, in a week! But since I’m not really into NOT being a nice guy, I am making it available for you to listen to it right HERE and NOW. No short audio clips, random previews or album teasers – but the whole freaking thing!

Just mind the gaps. The SoundCloud gaps. If you play the album on iTunes or Spotify the whole thing will be flowing with gapless playback as it is supposed to.

Check out this preview of the beautiful digital booklet that comes with the iTunes and WiMP versions of the album. If you think the resolution is too low and the text unreadable, I agree! You still need some excuse to buy the album on iTunes, right? Because people still buy music in iTunes, yes? They don’t? Dang.

  • Peergynt US digibooklet TEST 5
  • Peergynt US digibooklet TEST 5 2
  • Peergynt US digibooklet TEST 5 3
  • Peergynt US digibooklet TEST 5 4
  • Peergynt US digibooklet TEST 5 5

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