BRILLEBJØRN (BO BEAR) is a live action drama series featuring every three year old kid’s favourite best pal – that’s right, the aformentioned bear! Every episode deals with something the main kid character of the week finds scary, difficult or just a bit weird. When Bo Bear claps his hands, something magical starts to happen, which makes it easier for the three year olds to overcome their daily difficulties.

In a jungle of more or less hysterical animated television series for small children, it feels good to be a part of something as rare as a live action drama series for three year olds – especially when the quality is this high. BRILLEBJØRN was created by the good people of Spark AS, and produced for the Norwegian children’s TV channel NRK Super. After the premiere in January 2017, this bear has quickly become a major hit in many homes!

Watch all the episodes in NRK Super’s own Web TV! You know you want to.

Music by Eirik Myhr
Recorded May-September 2016


Client: Spark AS / NRK Super
Director: Live Glesne Kjølstad
Producers: Eda Syvertsen, Nils Stokke