For five years, my good friend Thor Joachim Haga has been creating and hosting Celluloid Tunes, Norway’s only film music webcast, out of his sheer passion and expertise for film music. In 2018, the webcast is relaunched as a complete website by and for film music geeks, with a bigger staff, an extended website with soundtrack reviews, articles, and even a forum! Surely the place to be for all you film music geeks out there.

I had a great time composing the new opening theme music for the 2018 relaunch, which in Thor Joachim’s own words is a lovely potpurri of famous film music sounds. Enjoy, and see you at the forums!


Music by Eirik Myhr
Recorded January 2018


Logo/artwork by Malte Müller

Client: Celluloid Tunes
Project leader: Thor Joachim Haga