The web based quiz app KAHOOT! is already a huge phenomenon, with millions of users worldwide. It is being used in schools, at seminars, and in every thinkable situation where a fun, massively multiplayer quiz battle (MMQB, the new MMORPG?) might be just the right thing to jazz up the atmosphere. It has spawned a huge fan culture, and people have both been uploading the original game music on YouTube and their own fan-made remixes on SoundCloud, just because they love the game (and the music!) so much.

I was contacted by the KAHOOT! team when time came to try to take the music in a new direction. The result is the new “British” theme which has now been incorporated into the game as of January 2016. The new lobby theme is basically a reworked arrangement of Alf Inge Wang’s great original tune, with a “British indie pop” inspired sound, with dry drums, nerdy synths and glockenspiels. The same sound is incorporated into the new in-game music. Hope all you Kahoot’ers out there enjoy it!

New music and arrangements by Eirik Myhr
Original Kahoot! theme by Alf Inge Wang
Recorded December 2015


Client: Kahoot! AS
Project leader: Johan Brand