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Norway’s most spectacular outdoors stage, Fryajuvet in Gudbrandsdalen, is the arena for this extreme new rendition of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. A multi-visual dance performance, written and supervised by Peer Gynt himself; Svein Sturla Hungnes, and choreographed by brothers André and Stian Danielsen. Featuring some of Norway’s most talented young dancers, dressed in beautiful costumes, all in an outrageously stunning location, while gigantic 3D mapping effects create incredible illusions like blood and slime sliding down the mountainside.

The entire concept of Peer Gynt: Utfor Stupet is based on the famous “night scene” from Peer Gynt. An hour-long score tells the story of an ageing Peer, haunted by voices in his head, confronted by all the people he has failed, disappointed or betrayed. Truly a breathtaking production, a very personal project for me, and musically one of my proudest moments.

Utfor Stupet was my first dive into the endlessly fascinating world of Peer Gynt. The following year I would return to write the songs and score for Peer Gynt: Selvets Keiser

A soundtrack album of PEER GYNT: UTFOR STUPET was released on Pling Kong Recordings in 2014. Click here to listen to the album on your favourite digital music service, or use the embedded Spotify player below.

Music by Eirik Myhr
Recorded April-July 2012

VIOLIN: Hilde Kjøll
VIOLA: Hilde Nora Ringstad
HORN: Reinert Indrehus
TRUMPET: Jørgen Arnesen
TROMBONE: Ingebjørg Klovholt
VOCALS: Benedikte Kruse

Photos by Bård Gundersen – www.peergynt.no

peer gyntClient: Peer Gynt AS
Director: Svein Sturla Hungnes
Choreography: André Danielsen and Stian Danielsen