Summertime… and the living is busy

Summertime… and the living is busy

So much to do, so little time to blog!

I am primarily a composer and not a blogger. This simple fact does have some consequences, blogging-wise. Mainly that in busy times like this, I simply don’t have the time to update this friggin’ blog all the time. But that’s a good sign, isn’t it?

If I am to sum up the last couple of months, I don’t quite know where to start, since they have been so packed. Oh, now I remember! There was this thing called TROLLNATT at Hunderfossen Familiepark, with lots of new music by yours truly, that I wrote about earlier. I was lucky enough to catch two of the performances during its run this summer, and what a show it turned out to be in the end! And the Troll Metal stuff didn’t make half the audience cover their ears after all! On the row behind me there were a couple of dads singing along to several of the riffs, giving each other signs of approval when a certain song or two was starting up. It’s like they had actually been to the park and seen the show already, remembered the songs, and decided to go back and watch it all over again. Ah, those moments… They make the job all worth it! Did I mention the actors were brilliant too? I can’t wait to see what’s in store for TROLLNATT in 2015. We’ll probably be expanding the concept even further.

Since then I’ve been pretty much stuck in my studio with the continuing work on the score for BRØRNE LØVEHJARTE. Of all the score work I’ve done to date, this is probably the darkest and most dramatic. But also musically the simplest, which is something I am enjoying more and more. It also makes each note all the more essential, since there are fewer of them. The work itself is moving at such a rapid pace, and the sheer amount of music is huge. This leads to certain funny moments, like when I am opening a project file for a cue I worked on a couple of weeks ago, and almost can’t remember ever composing it, since I’ve done so many different cues in the meantime. The play lasts for 90 minutes and there is practically music through the whole thing. Memory loss and brain failure issues aside, I’m feeling fairly certain that the whole thing somehow fits together and makes sense in telling the story. And if not, you can all laugh at me after the premiere at Det Norske Teatret, October 3rd.

As all fans of the book (THE BROTHERS LIONHEART by Astrid Lindgren) will know, this is a very very moving story. And unusually – almost shockingly – dark for a children’s book. It’s a pretty safe bet that this will be a major tearjerker from beginning to end. During the first script read-through two weeks ago, some cast members almost started crying – at page three. Heavy.

Loevehjarte 745x265

I have some Pling Kong Recordings news as well! Inbetween the aformentioned battles I have actually managed to complete the album mix of PEER GYNT: UTFOR STUPET and finally get the thing mastered, by mastering wiz Morten Lund at Lunds Lyd! Soon you will be able to listen to the album in your favourite digital music service. Watch for a release date soon!

As you probably understand by now, I have not exactly spent the last couple of months out in the sun. I’ve certainly noticed the sun, though – the way it stings right into my studio windows like a syringe, making sure my workplace is as hot as humanly possible at all times. That said, I am looking forward to my summer vacation – in October. By then the hot sun will have moved on, off to pester some composer in Australia.

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