The Penalty Post

The Penalty Post

What do I get for not updating this blog in several months? Craploads of stuff to write in an effort to try and summarize what’s been going on, that’s what. Henceforth, this blog post shall be known as… The Penalty Post!

Right. So first there was this tiny project called BRØRNE LØVEHJARTE, or The Brothers Lionheart, if you’re not into nynorsk (shame on you). I may have mentioned it earlier on this blog. I can only say that I am really proud of the result of this project, and I hope Astrid Lindgren herself would appreciate what we’ve done with it. If you live in Norway (or just fancy being there) you can still catch this performance at Det Norske Teatret until February 7, 2015.

Take a look at this teaser trailer:

I’ve written more about BRØRNE LØVEHJARTE in its brand new project page, with pictures and all. I know one thing though. This project really means a lot to me. I am probably going to go and watch the last performance on February 7 and be totally teared up.

After resting and purposely oversleeping for a couple of weeks after the premiere October 3 (I called it my summer vacation), I joined up with director Ingrid Stenersen to compose a couple of music cues for her debut short film TRE DALMATINERE. A funny little film about three lovesick women in the area of Hadeland, Norway. I just love going from this grand and deeply serious project to a small and totally crazy one. During my one minute of original music for this film, I got to do both grandioso Hollywood love scene music, and tough policemen stepping out of a car in slow motion music. Every film composer’s dream, I gather.

I also got to work for my favourite place (or at least one of them!) Hunderfossen Familiepark a couple of  weeks, composing a new “opening ceremony” for this season of their winter park concept which opens in Februrary. This is actually a kind of “trance party” of the trolls. Looking forward to seeing it in action!

Then there is Bård Tufte Johansen’s phenomenal stand-up success MANN (44), which has continued to tour all around Norway this autumn. In spring 2015 Bård will be back in Oslo, for a new season of (almost already sold out!!!) shows at the venue where it all started – Latter.

My friend Raymond Enoksen of Dreamscores has been composing the score for the new tv series JUL I TANGERUDBAKKEN, which is based on the classic, award winning series TANGERUDBAKKEN BORETTSLAG (2009-2011). Raymond has created a great new orchestral version of my original theme for TANGERUDBAKKEN BORETTSLAG as the main theme for this new christmas edition.

I have just started working on a very exciting new radio drama series, or should I say sit-com, for NRK Radioteatret. It is called GHOLAM FAMILY, is written by Mathias Calmeyer and Bahareh Badavi – and I will have more on that matter later! Below is a photo from a three day workshop we had at Dramatikkens hus, Oslo, with the cast and crew (that’s me in the brown hoodie and very green t-shirt). Let me just say that there was a lot of coffee and even more laughter.

10854405_784346808290880_1547190758761290636_o-2Photo by Dramatikkens hus

Last but not least! The film I AM KUBA, which I scored earlier this year, has been around Europe on several festivals and screenings, among them the Nordic Film Days in Lübeck and DOK Leipzig. In January the film will have its Norwegian premiere at the Tromsø International Film Festival! There is also a trailer here:


That would be it for now. Happy holidays to you all!

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