This is a blog, I think

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This is a blog, I think

So… Maybe I should have some kind of blog. Just wait a second and let me start up this blog. Become one of those people who has blogs. As long as I don’t become a “blogger”. That’s an odd job description, that. -So, what do you do? -Oh, I’m a blogger.

No… But I do like to write stuff, and sometimes I simply do not know when to keep my mouth shut. So some kind of outlet is nice to have. I could just keep on using Twitter, but 140 characters is rarely enough for my pompous use of way too many words, in overly complicated English written in awkward ways.

None of this will be a problem of course, as long as no one reads the blog.

I guess this blog is also the “news” part of this website, so call it what you want. I’m sticking with “Look, a blog!” until something better comes along. Hey, if you’ve got a name suggestion, you’re welcome to post a comment!

As a consequence of all my other projects the first half of this year, the Pling Kong Recordings release of Peer Gynt: Utfor Stupet has been somewhat delayed. I am now finishing up the album mixes though, and have just had my very first listen to the whole thing from beginning to end. What strikes me is that this album probably contains some of my prettiest music but even more certainly my ugliest. This is definitely not an easy listening album. It just might come out and bite you when you least expect it, making you jump in your chair and scream, angrily: “THIS IS NOT MUSIC!!!” You have been warned.


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