Tromsø – and trolls!

Tromsø – and trolls!

Hello again!

In my previous post, which mutated into an epic 10 year long studio journey, I was originally going to casually mention that the film I AM KUBA had its Norwegian premiere at the Tromsø International Film Festival, where it won the TROMSØ PALM award! It was great to be there at the premiere and celebrate with the fabulous team from Sant & Usant with director Åse Svenheim Drivenes and producers Anita Rehoff Larsen and Tone Grøttjord! I finally got to see the finished film on the silver screen, with the final grading, the final subtitles and the final sound mix (masterfully done by Petter Fagelund at Lydhodene). This important and truly moving film about “euro orphans” continue to be screened at festivals around Europe, most recently the Göteborg Film Festival in Sweden. Åse has made a beautiful and thought-provoking film which shows the real personal consequences of a European issue which is actually not that well known – what happens to the children whose parents are forced to leave them behind to work abroad?


Another really, really important film I had the “pleasure” to watch at TIFF was Tonje Hessen Schei’s DRONE, about how the US administration’s drone warfare is causing hundreds and thousands of civilian casualties in countries they are not even officially at war with. This movie reveals some horrifying truths and begs its viewers to ask the essensial question about where the road really goes from here. A true eye-opener which should be seen by everyone, to put it short.

On a lighter note, I thouroughly enjoyed the Swedish/Danish low budget science fiction black comedy LFO: THE MOVIE. Go see it if you get the chance and if you like weird stuff, like I do!

Moving two thirds a country’s length south from Tromsø and to more family friendly material..! This February, Hunderfossen Familiepark has hosted its annual winter concept VINTERPARKEN. For this event I recorded a new piece of music which is sort of a “Trance Party of the Trolls”. Some of it can be heard in this small teaser, showing off some of what to expect if paying a visit to the place this winter season (the last date is February 28!). In addition to this new piece, my already established songs and music for the park’s fairytale universe is also a major part of its winter concept.

The following months I will work on new music for the new TROLLNATT theatre play to be performed at Hunderfossen this summer… More on that later!

The last couple of weeks I have worked on writing a couple of new songs for the new album by MOLLY & PARTNER (Marianne Krogness and Karoline G. Herlofsen). We are also nearing completion of the soundtrack album of 2013’s PEER GYNT: SELVETS KEISER, which will be the next release on Pling Kong Recordings.

That’s it for now!

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