Pling Kong Recordings is my own record label, releasing soundtrack albums and the occasional solo or band project. The releases are mainly aimed for the digital music market, and be found on all leading digital music providers, like Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Google Play and Amazon. You can visit Pling Kong Recordings’ own website to learn more about the releases!

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These albums have been released so far:

  • 2011: Eirik Myhr – Escapades (recorded 2004-2007)
  • 2012: Lille Frø (Lilliseed) – original short film soundtrack (recorded 2008)
  • 2012: Bestevenner (Rafiki) – original motion picture soundtrack (recorded 2009)
  • 2013: De Tøffeste Gutta (The Tough Guys) – original motion picture soundtrack (recorded 2013)
  • 2014: Peer Gynt: Utfor Stupet – original stage soundtrack (recorded 2012)
  • 2015: Peer Gynt: Selvets Keiser – original stage soundtrack (recorded 2013)
  • 2016: Brørne Løvehjarte – original stage soundtrack, Det Norske Teatret (recorded 2014)
  • 2018: Los Bando – original motion picture soundtrack (recorded 2017)

Pling Kong – The Lego Films

Pling Kong Recordings is not just a normal record label like any other – it is a record label with its own mascot, built in Lego, with his own series of rather silly short films and promotion clips. It’s just a thing I do. You can watch them all right here: