Stageplay version of Astrid Lindgren's timeless classic MIO, MIN MIO, adapted for stage and directed by Hilde Brinchmann, with actors Iver Innset, Amalie Sofie Ibsen Jensen, Dagfinn Tutturen and Rune Storsæter Løding. A co-production between Teatret Vårt and Nordland Teater, MIO, MIN MIO was an instant classic with the critics as well as the audience, winning the prestigious Hedda Award for Best Children's Play in 2019.
What felt important with MIO was that the music should depict the larger-than-life adventure, but also allude to its intimate, fragile subtext - and never forget the personal story at its core. When the source material is as powerful as Astrid Lindgren's heartbreaking classic tale MIO, MIN MIO (first published in 1954), inspiration comes quick and fast. It's often a case of reading the script and just listening - the melodies may already be there! And even though the story has multiple layers, it still somehow feels simple, and asks for simple melodies. It is also told in such a way, that everything that happens feels inevitable. The melodies should both feel simple and carry the same feel of inevitability as the story itself. To quote Mio: "You cannot change what has already been decided for thousands and thousands of years!"
MIO, MIN MIO was my first collaboration with the amazing Hilde Brinchmann, and my second foray into the classic fantasy world of Astrid Lindgren, after 2014's BRØRNE LØVEHJARTE directed by Svein Sturla Hungnes.
A soundtrack album was released October 18, 2019. It is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon, and every other decent digital music service. 
Music by Eirik Myhr
Lyrics on "Veversken" by Astrid Lindgren
Recorded June-September 2018
Additional tracks for album version recorded in 2019
Mixed by Eirik Myhr
Album mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen
VOCALS ON "VEVERSKEN": Amalie Sofie Ibsen Jensen
Client: Teatret Vårt/Nordland Teater
Director: Hilde Brinchmann
MIO, MIN MIO™ is a registered trademark belonging to Astrid Lindgren AB.

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