Photo by Torgny Amdam
Photo by Torgny Amdam
Welcome to my humble home on the interwebs! I’m Eirik Myhr, a composer and musician based in the beautiful town of Asker, just outside of Oslo, Norway. Most of my time is devoted to composing music for films, stage, television and other media.
This site mainly contains tons of information about my various projects. There are hours and hours of music clips around too, plus video clips and photos*
The default view when you enter the site is the SELECTED PROJECTS section. This presents a curated view of some of my recent and more well known (or more personal) projects. 
If that simply isn't enough for you, you can go to ALL PROJECTS to get a more extensive view of every film, every TV series, every stage production; yes, pretty much every project I have worked on for the last 13 years. The projects appear in reverse chronological order; so to go way back in time, you have to scroll way down.
When I make music, I am inspired by everything from Edvard Grieg to Steve Reich, Rage Against the Machine or Lana Del Rey. There are very few boundaries – as long as I can catch something that feels right for the project, and add to its cohesiveness.
I am writing this in first person because it is written by me – as everything on this site is, unless otherwise specified. I enjoy doing stuff like this, and have no plans of hiring a Super Web Factory Staff™ anytime soon. If I sometimes get a bit colourful in some of my writings, the views and opinions are my own.
Thanks for visiting!
* I have taken the liberty of borrowing some photos for showcasing my different projects, and have done my best to credit all the photographers and/or copyright-holders. In some cases though, I have not been able to dig up all the names behind the photos. If you find some missing or erratic crediting and have the right information, do not hesitate to contact me and I will fix it ASAP.
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