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Eirik Myhr (born 1982) is an award winning composer for theatre, film and TV productions, located in the snowy woods of Asker, just outside of Oslo, Norway. Having composed music since the age of seven, playing in many bands as a drummer, keyboard player and/or singer, Myhr brings with him a very diverse musical background, which is reflected in his work. Still, it’s all about finding those simple melodies that move people.
Spanning a 17 year long professional career, Myhr has scored some of Norway’s biggest productions for children, including the hit TV series BO BEAR (Brillebjørn), Hedda Award winning stage productions like Astrid Lindgren’s MIO, MIN MIO, and feature film LOS BANDO (internationally the most award winning Norwegian film of 2018). He has a long-standing collaboration with stage director Hilde Brinchmann and film director Christian Lo.
For his «western punk» influenced score for feature film THE TOUGH GUYS, Myhr was awarded the 2013 Music Award by the Norwegian composer and lyricist organization NOPA, as well as the award Best Comedy Score 2013 by film music website Reel Music (other nominees included Alexandre Desplat and Henry Jackman). At the 2019 Kanonprisen award, he was nominated for best film music for his work on BO BEAR'S VACATION. In 2022, Myhr was honoured with the prestigious Kardemommestipendiet, for his many years composing music for children and young people.
Myhr’s current solo project is in the outskirts of chamber pop, or art pop, with the EP WAIT FOR IT... VOL. 1 finally hitting those virtual shelves in 2022. The struggles of this work led to the cult online video series «Who the f*#% is Eirik Myhr», in which Myhr engages in a kind of meta-irony about his own mental health in a rampage of words, bad animation and filmed archive material.
Eirik Myhr is a member of TONO, NOPA and European Film Academy. Music publishing by GILT.
"40 years of obsessing over all thinkable kinds of music, be it Edvard Grieg, Phil Collins or Rage Against the Machine – it all goes into the melting pot that is my brain, and something else comes out in the other end. One project might be scored with a string quintet, harp and glockenspiel, but the next might be more fitting with a pump organ, bass clarinet and drum kit. I always start from scratch with a new palette of instruments and sounds, because every new film, album, stageplay or drama series creates a new world. I aim for my music to help paint that world, and make it even more cohesive and believable."
Just another day at work...
Just another day at work...
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