🏆 Reel Music Awards 2013: Best Comedy Score: DE TØFFESTE GUTTA (The Tough Guys)
🏆 NOPAS Musikkpris 2013 (The NOPA Music Award 2013): DE TØFFESTE GUTTA (The Tough Guys)
In addition to music awards in specific, I have composed music for a fair share of award winning productions, like MIO, MIN MIO (Hedda Award for best children's stageplay 2019), INGENTING (Hedda Award for best stageplay for a youth audience 2019), LOS BANDO (16 international motion picture awards in 2018) and many more.
Honours/Bursaries (Selected):
Statens Kunstnerstipend (The Norwegian Government Grants for Artists): 
– Arbeidsstipend for yngre/nyetablerte kunstnere, ett år (one year Work Grant), 2016
– Diversestipend, 2019
– TONO-stipendet (TONO Work Grant) 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019
– NOPA Såkornmidler (NOPA Work Grant), 2015 and 2019
Actor Iver Innset, director Hilde Brinchmann and me, celebrating TWO Hedda Award wins for MIO, MIN MIO and INGENTING, in 2019
Posing with the Hedda Award, 2019
The cast and crew of MIO, MIN MIO posing with the Hedda Award in 2019
At the Berlinale 2018 - LOS BANDO nominated for the crystal bear
Not mine! This Gullruten Award belongs to Henrik Skram. But as I was in the jury, he let me touch it!
Dølen, March 30, 2016
Recieving the NOPA Music Award at the NOPA Gala Event in 2013 (Photo by Gry Monica Hellevik)
GD, December 12, 2013
Reel Music Awards 2013 - Best Comedy Score
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