When I launched my own record label Pling Kong Recordings in 2010, I didn't know anything about how to run a record label (some would argue: still don't). Rather than trying to find out, I must have had other priorities; judging by my obvious free time to create some rather silly stop motion animation in LEGO. 
So why not combine the two? Surely there must have been other record labels utilising silly LEGO animations as promo material? No? Well then, somebody has to take the lead, and it might as well be me. The idea does come with some incredible advantages: Imagine not having to attend your own press conference – you can just animate it in LEGO instead!
I did have plans for making a new animated press conference for each album I would release. Unfortunately, as a ridiculous amount of time was spent creating the first one (The ESCAPADES press conference, the middle entry of this trilogy), this simply proved to be too daunting a task. Therefore, the final entry so far is the very short 2011 Christmas special.
For your enjoyment, I now present you all three classic Pling Kong Recordings LEGO short films!

Film No. 1 – Pling Kong Recordings: The Teaser!
Innocent bystanders witness the incredible power of the Pling. (This clip is in Norwegian)

Film No. 2 – Eirik Myhr's "Escapades" – The Press Conference From Hell!
A killer mutant is on the loose, Petter Solberg offers some words of wisdom, and things are generally far too silly for presenting a rather serious pop album with lots of piano and strings (and of course glockenspiel).

Film No. 3 – Happy Holidays 2011
Everyone is having a gay and happy time, until... Until?

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