The struggles of creating my long-awaited EP Wait for it... Vol. 1 had to be documented somehow. But to tell that story, I somehow had to tell my whole story. Which made me really nervous and awkward about the whole thing. Which again led me to EMBRACE all the awkwardness, in a self-harassing and, some would say, almost poetic way.
So there you have it. These two short films (let's call them that) have received such an amount of praise from people that I really respect, which has led me to question if they are actually better than the EP itself.
But that's not for me to decide. Here is the entire two-part epic, for your enjoyment and pleasure.
Note: The films are in Norwegian, but you can switch on English subtitles if you really want to.
(EDIT: The first part has English subtitles. The second part will have them soon.)

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