BO BEAR (Brillebjørn) finally takes the step from TV series to the cinema! BO BEAR ON THE FARM ("Brillebjørn på Bondegården", 2018) and BO BEAR'S VACATION ("Brillebjørn på Ferie, 2019) are both exciting adventures for three year olds featuring everybody's favourite bear. 
Since my music appears more or less the same in both films, I have grouped them together here as a single project. Note that library music was also used for both films, so I was not commissioned to write a full-length score.
In both films there are several "dance-along" sequences with variations over the already existing theme for the TV series BO BEAR, made by yours truly back in 2016 – which means you actually have to stand up and dance at several times during the film! This is a new kind of "interactive cinema" for three year olds (and parents who aren't afraid of acting like three year olds). Which makes for a lively audience, large masses of flying popcorn, and lots of work for the cleaning personnel. The most prominent new music in these two films is an "orchestral reworking" of the main theme, for the films' grandioso intro sequences.
For BO BEAR'S VACATION, I received a nomination for Kanonprisen 2019 for Best Film Score.
Client: Spark AS
Director: Maiken Marstrander (BO BEAR ON THE FARM) 
Director: Live Glesne Kjølstad (BO BEAR'S VACATION)
Producer: Nils Stokke
Music by Eirik Myhr

Recorded December 2017–January 2018
Mixed by Eirik Myhr at Det Myhriske Studio, CK2
Photos and cover art © Spark AS

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