The web based quiz app KAHOOT! is a huge phenomenon, with millions of users worldwide. It is being used in schools, at seminars, and in every thinkable situation where a fun, massively multiplayer quiz battle (MMQB, the new MMORPG?) might be just the right thing to jazz up the atmosphere. It has spawned a huge fan culture, and people have both been uploading Alf Inge Wang's original soundtrack on YouTube and their own fan-made remixes on SoundCloud, just because they love the game (and the music!) so much.
I was contacted by the KAHOOT! team at a time when they wanted to take the music in a new direction. The result is the new "British Month Edition" theme which was incorporated into the game in January 2016. The new lobby theme is basically a reworked arrangement of Alf Inge Wang's great original tune, with a "British indie pop" inspired sound, with dry drums, nerdy synths and glockenspiels. The same sound is incorporated into the new in-game music, for the "spa meditation turns into fierce battle scene" countdown theme.
The reception was generally very good amongst Kahooters worldwide, with YouTube viewers commenting with great enthusiasm "OMG THIS BEAT IS SICK" and "THESE TUNES ARE EPIC". But obviously, you can't please them all:
Must be a real fan, mentioning my name SEVEN times. Imagine if Norwegian TV was this thorough with crediting!
Client: Kahoot! AS
Project leader: Johan Brand
Lobby music by Alf Inge Wang, arranged by Eirik Myhr
In-game music by Eirik Myhr
Recorded December 2015
Mixed by Eirik Myhr at Det Myhriske Studio, Grønlandsleiret 25

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