Still photo by Øystein Moe
Photo by Øystein Moe
Still photo by Øystein Moe
Still photo by Øystein Moe
When the universe breaks down, send for the ALIEN REPAIR GUY! A dazzling and visually stunning short film created by Øystein Moe and Alexander Somma, which also features score sections by composers Ola Kvernberg and Jørgen Meyer. Jørgen, who is also the film's sound designer and a good friend of mine, brought me in to help fill in certain holes when he was getting increasingly caught up in the sound mix. The result is quite alien indeed.
Alien Repair Guy is included on The Norwegian Film Institute's collection Blu-Ray disc Norsk Kort 2013.
Music by Eirik Myhr
Recorded April 2012
Client: Helmet Productions
Directors: Øystein Moe and Alexander Somma

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