Finally, my ancient solo album - 2011's ESCAPADES (actually recorded mainly in 2005-06) - gets its real follow-up. But you better WAIT FOR IT, because I'm so busy doing loads of other stuff. And you better wait some more, because this thing will be released as a series of two or three EPs. I think the title is pretty appropriate. WAIT FOR IT is also a fitting title for these uncertain times, as the world is collectively holding its breath while fascist bozos are acquiring positions of real power, making it more legit than ever to behave like a real asshole. What are we waiting for? Is something really bad to happen? Because I sure don't know what to think. End of the world or not; most people would probably just sit in this chair and just wait for it.
WAIT FOR IT Vol. 1 will contain four songs: Demon Song, Table Fable, Not Enough and Tired Of Winning. Lyrics and music are by me, and I will sing and play the piano, keyboards and drums. There will be other lovely people playing things, like things with strings. I will also produce the thing myself because I like to do that. I might not mix it myself, it's always good to hire some additional ears during that stage.
More info on this (at least to me) very important release later. For now you'll just have to... yes, wait.

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