In 2013, Norwegian best-selling author Tom Egeland wrote the award winning KATAKOMBENS HEMMELIGHET (The Secret of the Catacomb), a suspense novel for youths. In 2019, The Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK went on to produce an epic radio drama series of this already great source material. For this project I got to work with director Guri Skeie and sound designer Hilde Rolfsnes again, which was a happy reunion, having previously worked together on ANGKOR-MYSTERIET and LUXOR-MYSTERIET way back in 2010 and 2011.
For crafting the musical soundscape of this "Da Vinci Code"-esque action adventure, I went after a half symphonic, half electronic aesthetic, with lush strings and lovely synth arpeggios. The ancient mystery and creepy sect of fanatic monks always lurking in the background, meant that I also could not avoid using some Gregorian chant doomsday drones. I also chose to embrace certain synth choir samples that border deliberately on "kitch"!
A soundtrack album was released November 1, 2019. It is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon, and every other decent digital music service. 
Music by Eirik Myhr
Recorded Spring 2019
Mixed by Eirik Myhr
Album mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen
Client: NRK Radioteatret
Director: Guri Skeie

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