Taiga Woods is the new stoner-psychedelia-sludge-pop project of my long time friend, rock guitar god and stoner pop songwriting and riff making genius Erik "Scumbag" Skundberg, whom I have previously worked with in band projects such as Scumbag Travel Agency (and a crazy duo project called Blodøks, waaay back in high school). On this new album I had the honour of playing the drums on all 7 songs, while maestro Skundberg is playing all guitars and bass guitars, as well as the vocals. 
When you live inside the studio most of the time like I do, it is sometimes easy to forget the sheer joy of just playing an instrument. I was actually a pretty good drummer once upon a time. And on every occasion I step behind the kit again, I find I should not give up being a drummer entirely, because playing the drums is so immensely fun! Besides, when Mr. Scumbag asks, it's very hard to say no, since his music is so unique and so awesome.
The album is produced by Kai Christoffersen at Calmeyer Studio, and has been receiving great reviews in stoner rock mags on the web!
You can listen to the album on your favourite music streaming service, or use the Spotify player below.
Music and lyrics by Erik Skundberg
PERCUSSION: Kai Christoffersen
Recorded Autumn 2015
Produced and mixed by Kai Christoffersen at Calmeyer Studio
Mastered by Chris Sansom at Propeller Mastering
Cover art and logo by Erik Alm/Trøbbel

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