For this radio drama based on Bodil Vidnes Kopperud's book of the same name, I composed the song "Til mamma og pappa", which the main character Nora (played by Nina Lund) sings to her mom and mom's boyfriend Steinar near the end of the story. This song was supposed to be performed by a band featured in the story, with Steinar playing bass. I also made some band rehearsal ambience leading up to that point.
Client: NRK Barnetimen
Director: Hege Omre
Producer: Øyvind Bækkevold
Lyrics by Bodil Vidnes Kopperud
Music by Eirik Myhr
VOCALS: Nina Lund
Recorded January 2008
Mixed by Eirik Myhr at Lydbadet Studio
Mastered by Håkon Øgreid at The Clinic

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