BRILLEBJØRN (BO BEAR) is a live action drama series featuring every three year old kid's favourite best pal - that's right, the aformentioned bear! Every episode deals with something the main kid character of the week finds scary, difficult or just a bit weird. When Bo Bear claps his hands, something magical starts to happen, which makes it easier for the three year olds to overcome their daily difficulties.
In a jungle of more or less hysterical animated television series for small children, it feels good to take part in creating something as rare as a live action drama series for three year olds - especially when the quality is this high. After the premiere in January 2017, this bear has quickly become a major hit in many homes, and I think every three year old in Norway knows this theme song by now - and how to handclap in time!
BRILLEBJØRN was created by the good people of Spark AS, and produced for the Norwegian children's TV channel NRK Super. A second season was released in 2019, reusing the same music cues.
Music by Eirik Myhr
Recorded May-September 2016
Client: Spark AS / NRK Super
Director: Live Glesne Kjølstad
Producers: Eda Syvertsen, Nils Stokke

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