Music-wise one of the more experimental and avant garde projects I've been involved in. Which I love! The radio documentary BLOOD, SWEAT AND OIL ("Blod, Svette og Olje" – the title was actually my idea)  is the story about the people working at the car scrap yard Brødrene London, located in the eastern outskirts of Oslo. A huge part of the sound of this mini-score consists of sounds I sampled at inside the factory itself, and the workers themselves form the "workers' choir" shouting the programme's main title. Brødrene London is a family business through generations, with Jewish origins. The score's strict "musical palette" - consisting mostly of machine sounds and atonal-ish melodic themes - deals with both the good days of this family business, and its much darker backstory.
Client: NRK Radiodokumentaren
Director: Guri Skeie
Music by Eirik Myhr
WORKER'S CHOIR: The Brødrene London staff
Recorded January–February 2012
Worker choir and factory sounds recorded on location at Brødrene London's factory
Mixed by Eirik Myhr at Eiriks kontor, Darres gate 20

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