Photo © Molly og Partner
Photo © Molly og Partner
Molly and Partner (writers and actresses Marianne Krogness and Karoline G. Herlofsen) live in a small hole in a wall, eating candy and living a life without worries, for the most part. I composed three of the songs in this second season of the radio drama series concerning Molly and Partner's strange universe. Two of the songs also featured on the Molly og Partner CD album released earlier the same year. The two new 2010 recordings of the songs "Jeg er ikke redd" and "Slaps og sludder" originally recorded for this radio drama, would later find their way onto the second Molly og Partner CD album in 2015: Jeg vil heller danse på bordet.
Client: NRK Barnetimen
Director: Ole Christian Øen
Lyrics by Marianne Krogness and Karoline G. Herlofsen
Music by Eirik Myhr
VOCALS: Marianne Krogness, Karoline G. Herlofsen, Eirik Myhr
GUITARS: Øyvind Vormeland Salte
BASS: Sindre Klykken

Recorded October 2010
Mixed by Eirik Myhr at Calmeyer Studio

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