Still Photo by Vegard Landsverk
Still Photo by Vegard Landsverk
A crazy comedy short film by writer and director Ingrid Stenersen, about three lovesick ladies seeking their fortune in the district of Hadeland, Norway. The core of the music in this film is a drums-only score by drummer Audun Hjort, and a couple of songs by the awesome band Pixel. I came in quite late in this project to fill in a couple of holes, a totally over-the-top Hollywood-esque love scene and an equally over-the-top slow motion sequence with three rough and tough policemen. Not really much more to say unless you see the thing for yourself. A promising debut short from a filmmaker I believe will go on to do great things!
Music by Eirik Myhr
Recorded November 2014
Client: URO Film
Director: Ingrid Stenersen

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