Photo © Molly og Partner
Photo © Molly og Partner
In 2009 I teamed up with Molly & Partner (Marianne Krogness and Karoline G. Herlofsen), composing two of the songs on their debut album as Molly & Partner; "Apropos apehjerner, tannleger og annet sprøyt", released by the legendary record company Tylden. Other songwriters on the album includes Arne Garvang, Lars Martin Myhre, David Chochron and more. I would later re-join Molly & Partner and write and produce new songs both for their 2010 radio drama and their second album released in 2015.
Music by Eirik Myhr, Arne Garvang, Jon Rørmark, Jon Ruder, David Chocron, Lars Martin Myhre, Bernhard Seland and Anders Rogg
Lyrics by Marianne Krogness and Karoline G. Herlofsen
Recorded summer 2009
Produced by Anders Elverhøy

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